About Caitlin

I am a yoga teacher with a passion for psychology and a deep level of understanding. By merging the Eastern practices of yoga with the Western sciences of psychology, I have discovered a path to holistic healing that I feel called to share. Acknowledging we are multi-dimensional beings, I work towards bringing awareness and transcendence to all levels. 

By utilizing these practices to create space in my body and balance my nervous system, I was able to find a sense of release, relaxation and ease that gave way to introspection and healing transformation. In addition to the physical practices, the wisdom behind these ancient traditions provide us with a path to travel inward, to identify with the true self that lies within beyond body and mind. 

It is my dharma to share divine knowledge, to guide people to reconnection, deepening awareness and healing as a whole. I feel it is vital for us to find inner peace and interconnection with all life, as each person who does will have an influence on others and through the ripple effect the impact will carry far. 

I teach a variety of yoga asana styles focused in Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative. I integrate my teachings with breathing techniques, meditations, mantras, teachings from the yoga texts and psychology knowledge. I am also studying the practice of Reiki - universal life force energy that promotes relaxation and supports healing. 

With authentic intuition and compassion, my goal as a yoga teacher is to guide you to find balance and reconnect, to dive deep and explore within.

If you would like to learn more about my perspective on yoga and psychology click here.

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology - The University of Arizona 

  • 200 HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Om Factory (NYC) 

  • 100 HR Yoga, Mind, Spirit Training – The Nalanda Institute (NYC) 

  • Pause3 Mindset + Empowerment Mentorship Program & Reiki I Attunement – Ssanyu Birigwa, M.S., Bone Healer Shaman

  • Thrive Mentoring Program - Bee Bosnak, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Heal Yourself™ 

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