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Meditations - 30 min.

One on one meditation sessions held via Zoom, making this offering accessible to anyone anywhere. I guide you through a grounding practice, breathing techniques, and then a meditation of your choice, see below options. These offerings are for any level, from a beginner to daily meditator. The only requirement is that of having an open mind. I am here to hold a safe and loving space for you, to guide you within to quiet the mind, explore subtle layers, deepen awareness, and reconnect with your true self.

Mindfulness of Thoughts 
Practice to become mindful of and observe thoughts from a non judgmental viewpoint. From this viewpoint, one is able to have a clear perspective. This practice also brings to attention the perspective seat of witness, which allows for disconnection from identifying with thoughts.  

Humming (Brahmari) 
Practice that induces relaxation in the central nervous system and quiets anxiety. The sound and feeling of vibrations in the body gives the mind a point to concentrate on while consciously breathing. The practice also has positive effects on blood health. 

Expanding Compassionate Awareness 
Practice to ignite the surrounding awareness and expand it farther than the physical body. This practice helps to emphasize the oneness of all while cultivating compassion, which allows for a deep connection to others replacing the feeling of separation and loneliness many suffer from.  

Chakra Meditation
Practice to travel through the seven chakras, or energy centers, in the body. By cultivating intentional positive awareness in the physical body where each chakra is, we are able to feel into our subtle energy body and explore beyond our physical body.  

We will end each meditation with the chanting of Om, the universal sound, helping to realign ourselves with the fundamental vibration of all life.


Single Session

Package of 3