My Journey of Healing

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I started practicing yoga almost ten years ago, beginning solely for the physical aspect. Yoga found me at a dark time in my life, and soon after starting the practice it became more than just a body exercise. The movements and poses of yoga first woke up my awareness on the physical plane, which reconnected me to my body, opened my mind, and began my journey. 

For many years, I suffered from an overpowering anxious mind, disconnection from my body, and blocked past trauma I held in my physical and energetic bodies. I was numb to any internal peace. I had forgotten what true relaxation felt like. These practices deepened my level of awareness, which gave me the tools I needed to let go, observe and reconnect with myself. The mindfulness opened my eyes, leading me to make a number of lifestyle changes. With a consistent yoga practice and mindful living, I have experienced the feelings of internal balance, ease, and clarity these methods provide. 

I rediscovered the immense power of my breath, the existence of subtle energy, and the vitality of present moment awareness. Chanting mantras has also had an imperative influence on my journey with their healing vibrations. I had an awakening at a meditation class a few years ago, this beginning my path towards my true inner self and the wealth of wisdom within. I now have a daily yoga and meditation practice that has become my medicine. 

From my practice, I had a solid foundation to go deeper with my journey of healing into that of past trauma. For a few years, I worked with an amazing mentor, Ssanyu Birigwa, M.S., Bone Healer Shaman, to continue this internal work. Through our work together, I was able to release and heal past trauma. I saw the energetic release manifest on the physical level, opening my eyes to the existence and interconnection of all levels of self. Simultaneously, I was involved in a training with The Nalanda Institute where I absorbed knowledge of the psychology and neuroscience behind these traditions. I found it fascinating to learn how we hold trauma in our bodies and DNA if it is not felt into and processed. I was soon after attuned to Reiki by Ssanyu, and have a personal daily Reiki practice. This daily Reiki is for my own wellbeing, and to develop my healing hands to offer others. I continued my studies with Bee Bosnak in a mentorship program. Bee helped me to find my voice, articulate what I truly wanted and manifest it into action. This all leading me to where I am at this moment in my life.

The knowledge I have gained from the trainings I’ve completed and from my personal experiences while on this journey have left me with a deep level of understanding. I see the interconnection of all, the ongoing ebb & flow of life, and the importance of knowing true identity. While my inner exploration will be forever ongoing, I now feel I am in a place where I can guide others to start their journey towards finding internal balance and healing reconnection. 

This journey of healing has brought both light and dark moments, filled with many tears and transformative changes. Substantial hard work and deep introspection lie under what is seen today, but I can assure you from personal experience that it is absolutely worth the effort. My faith and trust in that of divine power continues to grow with my practice. I honor my connection to the universal divine consciousness of all, while also honoring my personal divine consciousness within. 

The same divinity lies within you. 

Sending love,